Jazz Butchers: Florence & Normandie

Jazz Butchers: Florence & Normandie
Title: Florence & Normandie
Label: CD Baby

During the 1970's Los Angeles had a thriving jazz scene. Many of these fine musicians who worked on record dates, as well as film, cartoon, and commercials, also enjoyed the ever-expanding Jazz scene in the LA area. The fusion of these musicians and the vitality that is Southern California provided it's own unique sound prior to 'smooth Jazz'. Many cities are noted for having their own unique sound that evolved over time in that area. LosAngeles, however, was a work horse that never was recognized for it's own contribution in shaping modern Jazz. This involves the blending of Traditional Jazz, Blues, Groove, Electric, horns, and the endless miles of Avenues we drove to the gigs. Almost every great musician at some time or another has lived here, written music here, and conveyed the reality of living here through their music. Jazz, is no exception.

1.1 Florence and Normandie
1.2 Astralis
1.3 Song for Chadwick
1.4 Melody for Dot Schaeffer
1.5 Bat Outa Hell
1.6 Ms. Gone
1.7 2 Buck Chuck
1.8 P.C.H

Jazz Butchers: Florence & Normandie

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