Jazz for Wine Tasting

Jazz for Wine Tasting: Jazz for Wine Tasting

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Artist: Jazz for Wine Tasting
Title: Jazz for Wine Tasting

Mellow jazz produced specifically for use as background music. No bass solos or drum solos. Lyrical melodies with a bossa nova or swing rhythm. This CD creates a perfect setting for a wine tasting party or any social occasion. A perfect CD for someone who is not familiar with the jazz idiom but would like a sample of jazz in their collection. Actually, people who are familiar with the jazz idiom will enjoy it also.

1.1 Merlot
1.2 Burgundy
1.3 Chardonnay
1.4 Chianti
1.5 Zinfandel
1.6 Cabernet
1.7 Reisling
1.8 Bordeaux
1.9 Pinot Grigio
1.10 Beaujolais
1.11 Barbera
1.12 Chenin Blanc
1.13 Sangiovese
1.14 Champagne

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