Jazz Partout

Jazz Partout: Ravi

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Artist: Jazz Partout

Artist: Jazz Partout
Title: Ravi

Jazz Partout's music is an irresistible blend of French musette waltzes, Gypsy jazz and classic chansons. The prime influences come from Django Reinhardt's hot jazz, but the pioneers of French jazz accordion, Gus Viseur and Tony Murena, are of equal importance. Jazz Partout has refreshed these timeless tunes and they have also brought newer compositions and more modern sounds to their selection. Ravi contains a representative sample of Jazz Partout's repertoire. The range of different styles reaches from swing (The Sheik of Araby) to bebop (Moppin' The Bride/Babik), from impressionistic shades (Lentement Mademoiselle) to fiery Latin-American rhythms (Bossa Dorado), from musette waltzes (Balajo) to chanson classics (L'accordeoniste), from tropic heat of South America (La Foule) to Finland in the utmost north (Malagueta). This music combines the best qualities of three different cultures: American swing, French elegance and expressive emotionality of Sinti music.

1.1 Djangology
1.2 L' Accord Oniste
1.3 Bossa Dorado
1.4 Lentement Mademoiselle
1.5 La Foule
1.6 The Sheik of Araby
1.7 Je Suis Seul Ce Soir
1.8 Malagueta
1.9 Douce Ambiance
1.10 Blues for Ike
1.11 Moppin' the Bride/Babik (Bi-Bop)
1.12 Balajo

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