Jazzamor: Songs for a Beautiful Day

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Jazzamor

Title: Songs for a Beautiful Day
Label: Blue Flame

2008 compilation from the Jazz-crazy German duo containing the most beautiful moments from their four albums. How does Jazz of the '60s sound updated 40 years later? What modern sounds could be created to sound like Bossa-Nova? With these questions in mind, new ideas were conceived in the studio by this duo, who have gone on to achieve massive underground success. This set is a perfect introduction to what you've been missing. 18 tracks. Blue Flame.

1.1 Beautiful Day
1.2 Fly
1.3 Caminho
1.4 Way Back
1.5 Tonight
1.6 House on a Hill
1.7 Sumertime
1.8 A Piece of My Heart
1.9 Nuit Magique
1.10 Ain't No Sunshine
1.11 Cherish
1.12 Sometimes
1.13 Mar de Paixao
1.14 Around 'N' Around
1.15 Song for Maggie
1.16 Childhood Dreams
1.17 Song of Silence
1.18 Dreamer

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