Jazzmatic: Jazzmatic Live!

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Artist: Jazzmatic

Artist: Jazzmatic
Title: Jazzmatic Live!

I'm Will Culbreath, Keyboardist for Jazzmatic. Born in upstate New York and grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio. My father and everyone who loved music inspired me. I never tried to play like the other organist around. I just wanted to take an artistic approach with the instrument, that's my style. I could give a long list of artists I've played for and you would say: 'I didn't know that' or 'that group stank' or 'that's where I've seen him'. Identify me with Jazzmatic, because, I had reached a point in my career where people enjoyed my music just as much as the artists material I work so hard to learn and perform. I knew that it was time to move into my zone were the notes never stop flying. Jazzmatic brings out the wild, untamed side of my life and writing. There is so much energy between me and David Johnson (drummer) that it does sound like 4 people and it's live. Can you imagine a live show where you had to wear a diaper, because the show never slowed down to break to the bathroom, that's a performance!'

1.1 L.S
1.2 Gramps
1.3 Groovy Gravy
1.4 Vanilla Sands Soundtrack
1.5 Vintage Blue
1.6 Carnivale
1.7 Dirty Laundry

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