Jazzmin: Chocolate Baby

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Artist: Jazzmin

Artist: Jazzmin
Title: Chocolate Baby

"Chocolate Baby" is the newest release by Swiss singer/songwriter Jazzmin. The 14 catchy pop tunes were penned by Jazzmin together with producer and writer Beni Mosele. With a generous helping of Spanish guitar, the sometimes catchy, sometimes atmospheric songs bring a Latin touch guaranteed to put you in the mood for strolling barefoot on the beach on a warm summer evening. Jazzmin's warm and velvet-like voice suffuses seductiveness and fragility, youth and maturity into a very pleasing blend that at once excites and relaxes. Stylistically, this record is set somewhere between Pop and Bossa. The tasteful arrangements leave lots of room for Jazzmin to weave threads of silk and sisal into a rich tapestry. The lyrics move between dreamy, wistful, occasionally melancholy like a sunset, and then turning saucy and whimsical. They tell stories of life, love, breakups and-chocolate. Easy listening with depth. Jazzmin (real name Jasmin Schmid), has already released various successful CDs: " Tolerance' (1993), 'Sink Or Swim' (1997), 'Before I Say Goodbye' (1999) und 'Cover Stories' (2002). She has been on multiple TV and radio programs (Risiko, NightMoor, Takito, Weekend Music, TAF life, Talk Täglich), as well as having appeared in almost every popular magazine in her native Switzerland (Schweizer Illustrierte, Tele, Schweizer Familie, Blick, Sonntags Blick, Annabelle). These diverse appearances have allowed her to reach a wide and eclectic audience. Jazzmin has breathed deeply the rarified air of the musicals world in such productions as the Swiss hit 'Space Dream I', where she played in over 100 shows as the female robot 'Macchina'. In 2002 and 2004 Jazzmin was presented to the German public in the musical "Evita". Again in 2004 she played in the Swiss production of "Evita", this time in the beloved character of Peron's Mistress.

1.1 Part of Me
1.2 Always There
1.3 Chocolate Baby
1.4 Love Is Like a Butterfly
1.5 What Would She Do
1.6 Every Little Bird
1.7 Cross the Bridge When You Get There
1.8 Rolls Royce
1.9 Pay Me Rent
1.10 It's Been a Long Time
1.11 Easy Breezy
1.12 My Favourite Drug
1.13 Paradise Is Here
1.14 Chocolate Baby (Unplugged)

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