Jd and the Longfellows: Happy Hour Again

Jd and the Longfellows: Happy Hour Again
Title: Happy Hour Again
Label: CD Baby

OK then, here's the history lesson JD and the Longfellows are a five-piece formed in SE London, England in 2006 and are partly Canadian-Irish-Scottish-English and even Welsh. They have a style alternatively described as Psychoskiffle, Renegade Folk, Urban Country, Thigh Slappin' Western, SlapHeadBilly, Landlubber Surf and Howlin' Hootenanny. In November 2006, they released their first 14-track album of original songs: 'Confessions' with all the songs written by JD Longfellow. This received extensive celtic-folk-alt-country radio play, particularly in the USA and was selected as one of the Top 10 of 2006 by Radio Rebel Gael in New York and just outside the Top 10 by Shite'n'Onions Radio in Boston. 'Happy Hour Again' (February 2008) is their second album. It features 12 brand new tracks, some of which were written by Karma Clayfellow and Clare (Portman) Shortfellow. Unlike Confessions (which perhaps gives the impression of being written through a vast alcoholic haze while dancing on the moon), Happy Hour Again delves deeper into the darker side of the human condition, touching on the tragedy and raw emotions involved in topics such as love, death, retribution, forgiveness, life on the road and castigation - even after death. However, throughout, humour, laughter and the celebration of life ring out and of course there is more than a little drinking going on - see Welcome to the Morning After. There is even a birthday song for the 21st century. And most of all, there are plenty of songs to get the toes a tappin' and the feet a stompin'. When not in the recording studio Jd and the Longfellows played getting on to 80 gigs in 2007. They went on three UK tours and performed at top clubs such as What's Cookin' in Leytonstone, London Callin' at the 12 Bar Club, Gypsy Hotel in N London and Club Orange in Islington. They have also supported bands such as Neck (twice), Some Dogs and Alabama 3, played a few festivals, including being opening act to an opera: - 'La Boheme' at Canizzaro Park on Wimbledon Common, the Winchester Folk Festival, Basingstoke Live and the Fart Fairies Rugby and Skiffle Festival and also played in front of hundreds (if not thousands) of sunworshippers on Brighton Beach. 'Nice set up' Shane MacGowan of the Pogues (who also bought Gemma a drink!) Come along and join us one night and see if you drink us under the table and dance us off the stage As the Basingstoke Observer noted: - 'JD and the Longfellows are a very polished crew and have a fantastic energy that can't help but infect the audience. There was a fair bit of jigging going on to their refreshing brand of original material that leaves you convinced you've known these songs for years'. You can't say it fairer than that!!!

1.1 Happy Hour Again
1.2 I Sold My Soul for Moonshine
1.3 Zombie Love
1.4 Sweet Drinks ; Supplements
1.5 Stereotypical Night Out on a Stereotypical Town
1.6 Welcome to the Morning After
1.7 Last Cigar
1.8 Revenge
1.9 One Night Only
1.10 Off the Wagon
1.11 Happy Birthday
1.12 Lying Beneath My Gravestone

Jd and the Longfellows: Happy Hour Again

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