Jean Brassard

Jean Brassard: Le Gamin de Paris: Jean Brassard Chante Montand

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Artist: Jean Brassard

Artist: Jean Brassard
Title: Le Gamin de Paris: Jean Brassard Chante Montand

From the old music hall style of La Chansonette to the baldly political Casse-Têtes, this collection of songs first made famous by French singer Yves Montand is brought back with superb arrangements highlighting Jean Brassard's deep, velvety baritone. The music transports you to another era cloaked in contemporary resonnance. The ensemble led by musical director Alexandre Racine on the piano is Quebec based and was recorded at Studio Sismique in Quebec City. Alexandre Blais plays bass, Pierre-Emmanuel Beaudoin provides precussion. Léandre de Celles and Eric Savard bring color to several tracks on clarinet and assorted guitar repeectively. Back in NYC Karen Codd on cello and Richard Maheux on the accordion Brassard's father passsed down complete the musical landscape. David Krueger and Richard Maheux mixed the disc which Krueger directed the recording and production of. 'This music has deep roots in my heart,' says Brassard 'and through it I am able to reconnect to my past, my parents and a whole musical world that seems to have disappeared- where joie de vivre and beauty held center stage in music.' Montand's hits such as Les Feuilles Mortes (Autumn Leaves) and La Bicyclette are given new flavor while Baudelaire's poem Les Bijoux, set to music by Léo Ferré, is carried with timeless serenity by Brassard's supple and warm voice. The disc contains 12 selections from one artist's 50 year catalogue of introductions, hits and innovations. Brassard's beautiful interpretations in the original French are exquisitely supported by both fine musicians and lushly understated arrangements.

1.1 Sous Le Ciel de Paris
1.2 La Bicyclette
1.3 Sanguine, Joli Fruit
1.4 Casse-Têtes
1.5 La Chansonnette
1.6 L'étrangère
1.7 Syracuse
1.8 Grands Boulevards
1.9 Les Feuilles Mortes
1.10 Les Bijoux
1.11 Dansons la Rose
1.12 C'est Si Bon

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