Jean-Claude Bensimon

Jean-Claude Bensimon: Sweet Piano

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Artist: Jean-Claude Bensimon
Title: Sweet Piano

Jean-Claude was born of French parents. As a child, he studied classical piano. After studying electrical engineering, he moved to the States in 1953 and completed a Masters degree in engineering. After retiring in 1990, he had time to explore his musical abilities. Piano experience blended with computer knowledge and led to a recording studio in his home and a certificate in Recording Art and Record Production. He has been composing and arranging for over 10 years. His style is most often described as relaxing, meditative and ambiant. Keyboard Magazine reviewed him in 1996 as 'fantastical, fluid, moody spirited....even serene'. He is a recorded artist on the Sugo Music Label (now Tambourine) as a contributing artist on two 1998 releases; 'Harmony' and 'Tranquility'. Both titles are still selling after 8 years! Oprah, in O magazine a few years ago, recommended 'Tranquility' as a favorite album for a quiet, relaxing bath time. Jean-Claude's music finds a home in yoga, meditation and healing arts. We know teachers who play it just to relax their students during exams and a few doctors who play it in surgery. It truly is relaxing music!

1.1 Swet Piano
1.2 Interlude
1.3 Moonlite
1.4 Sentimental Flute
1.5 Romantic Violin
1.6 Waking Alone
1.7 Recuring Thoughts
1.8 Wisteria Harbor
1.9 Joyous News
1.10 Twirls Delight

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