Jean-Marie: Complete Biguine Reflections

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Jean-Marie

Title: Complete Biguine Reflections
Label: Fremeaux & Assoc. FR

There is no way around true jazz legend Alain Jean-Marie. A pianist gifted with a rare sensitivity and a sincere virtuosity, he is held in high esteem by jazz fans and jazz musicians alike. Biguine reflections is the works of a lifetime. It was produced by great French-Caribbean producers Arthur Apatout in turn with Erick Siar and stands as a 21-year long adventure (1992 to 2013), issued on five sides and gathered here in a complete, 4-disc set for the first time. In this tremendous, polyptich work the pianist bridges biguine and jazz, two creole musics which emerged out of the same cultural sphere: The Caribbean Sea. He strived to pursue and update the works of wabap biguine founders Al Lirvat and Robert Mavounzy. In bringing his own reinterpretation to it, Alain Jean-Marie takes Caribbean jazz to new heights. A monument.

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