Jean Ritchie

Jean Ritchie: Appalachian Dulcimer: An Instructional Record

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Jean Ritchie

Title: Appalachian Dulcimer: An Instructional Record
Label: Folkways Records

1.1 Introduction
1.2 How to Hold the Dulcimer
1.3 Tuning Up in the Major Key
1.4 How to Hold the Noter
1.5 Playing the Scale
1.6 Simple Thumb Strum
1.7 Use of a Pick
1.8 Singing with Counter-Melody
1.9 Strumming Variations
1.10 Picking with the Fingers
1.11 The Minor Key-Aeolian Mode
1.12 The Mixolydian Mode
1.13 The Dorian Mode
1.14 The Phrygian Mode
1.15 The Lydian Mode
1.16 Pleasant Ohio
1.17 Old Crumley
1.18 Common Bill
1.19 Warrenton
1.20 Civil War March
1.21 Play-Party Medley
1.22 Went to See My Susie
1.23 In Good Old Colony Days
1.24 Shady Grove

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