Jed Marum

Jed Marum: Lonestar Stout

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Artist: Jed Marum

Artist: Jed Marum
Title: Lonestar Stout

NOTE: Lonestar Stout has become a Jed Marum classic album and continues to be fan favorite. It has a warm, intimate and personal feel that audiences find delightful. As one reviewer put it, 'It's like having Jed in your living room singing just to you and your family!' ABOUT THIS ALBUM The LONESTAR STOUT song list is a collection of Irish favorites, plus a couple of the Americanized versions of some old Irish songs. The album is a No Frills, \'Live-in-the-Studio\' recording of simple arrangements. In addition to vocals, instruments used are guitar, octave mandolin, mandolin, banjo or banjola. BRIEF JED MARUM BIO Jed Marum\'s list of albums on Boston Road Records play regularly on Folk Bluegrass and Celtic radio programs around the world. They are distributed widely on all the major MP3 services. Jed brings his music to festival, club and concert venues throughout the US with over 150 shows each year. His 2007 touring plans include festival and concert dates in Canada and Mexico. Jed\'s musical style is American Celtic with strong Bluegrass roots. His many original songs focus on the stories of family and immigrant ancestors. His albums also include traditional songs and a few contemporary songs from other writers. Jed has a keen interest in history and the passing of culture from generation to generation. Those interests are reflected in his song writing and song selection. YOUTUBE There are a few short video clips available at if you search on Jed Marum you\'ll find them. CONTACT There is a CONTACT page at Jed Marum\'s website if you wish to communicate with him for any reason. Please click on \'\' link in the LINKS list at the lower, left of this page. We typically reply to all messages within 48 hours.

1.1 Back Home in Derry
1.2 Risin' of the Moon
1.3 Grace
1.4 Foggy Dew
1.5 Bard of Armaugh
1.6 Streets of Laredo
1.7 Saint James Infirmary
1.8 Red River Valley
1.9 Black Velvet Band
1.10 Wild Colonial Boy
1.11 Spancil Hill
1.12 Goodbye Mick

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