Jedd: Jedd Reckoning

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Artist: Jedd

Artist: Jedd
Title: Jedd Reckoning

Jedd is a band so different yet so familiar. Fusing Rock with Country Bluegrass and lyrics that mean something, Jedd touches and inspires people with diverse musical backgrounds. Not politically correct and with a slight edge, Jedd sings of issues that people can relate to from getting along with one's mate in "Meet in the Middle" to the making it through life one day at a time (Throwing Pennies). The song "All the dough" captures what's going on with the Middle Class in America. "Cemetery Ridge" explores complicated issues of the American Civil War that still resonate today. "Kaw Valley Days" harkens back to a more simpler time with it's nostalgic look back on a childhood spent in an apple pie setting. Mixed with originals are classic rock covers, "Smoke on the water", "Candle in the Wind" and Led Zeppelin's "Ramble on". Jedd formed because of the band member's love for playing a blend of Country, Rock and Bluegrass using largely acoustic instruments. Jedd's lead singer/song-writer Erik Mostar first met the fiddler Dennis English at a neighborhood shindig where they found a musical groove that quickly let to more gigs. After a jam session at the English's home, David Field joined the group as bass player and was soon followed by Dave 'Mr. Banjo' Guarente. The "Jedd Sound" was born. On this CD, the band plays songs blending Country, Bluegrass and Rock and a couple with a Brazilian beat and a touch of twang. Playing both with a drummer/percussionist or in the traditional style, Jedd's music has been described as "...having the voice of ageless roots yet is fresh and meaningful now." We hope you enjoy the album, Jedd Reckoning! Jedd The following are Jedd reviews and Quotes: Fusing classic rock with country and bluegrass, Jedd hits upon an energetic style.... California fiddle champion Dennis English teams with 'Mr. Banjo' Dave Guarente, Dave Field on bass, Erik Mostar on guitar and vocals and Jim Hobbs on the skins. From bluegrass tinged rock covers like Deep Purple's 'Smoke on the Water' to bluegrass ballads, these guys shift gears without losing musical focus. Santa Cruz Sentinel March 06 "You know, you write some damn good songs!" Sleepy John, KPIG, Please Stand By show, Oct. 2005 "Erik has a good voice!" Greg Khin, KFOX radio show, June 2006 Jedd Reckoning Lyrics: 1. Meet in the Middle c. 2006 Erik Mostar (ASCAP) You've been going left, I've been going right We've been talking circles, every single night You Said Potato, I never say Po-ta-to But differences you know, sometimes we got a lot oh Sometimes you say it seems I hear nothing that you say Honey that's not true, I hear you every single day You been looking up, I been looking down Neither of us need's this crazy round and round Chorus: Let's just love and, Meet in the Middle Love and Learn to, Meet in the Middle Yearn and Burn to, Meet in the Middle Laugh and learn to, Meet in the Middle You say I don't talk enough, and you might talk too much You say I spend too much time watching football games and such It can be said I spend too much time pickin' with the boys And 12 guitars and 2 banjo's I count among my toys But when I'm riding in your car you speed up to slow down And once a month you'd say I was wrong if I said the world was round Chorus You have every brand been made of moisturizing cream Late at night you wake me up when you kick me as you dream But I love you girl and through it all we'll learn to work it out Let's just talk softly now, let's not yell and shout You know that I'm in love with you and I love that your with me So let's just learn the lesson learned and yearn to let it be Chorus 2. Cemetery Ridge c. Erik Mostar (ASCAP) On a war torn blue-grey day I kissed my wife goodbye We were marching off to end the war at least we's gonna try Through many year of sabers drawn cuttin' bone and flesh We were gonna take it to the Yankee's home and damn the rest Trough North Virginia, Pennsylvania country Gettysburg Became the place that many a man would meet the god he served Chorus: Forward men raise your banners high We fight for those who live and those who die We said our last goodbyes looks like we burned our bridge We'll meet our fate on Cemetery Ridge Word came down from Bobby Lee we gotta take that hill Picket said he'd make the yankees bow down to his will But it was just so far we'd have to charge those Union guns So many children lost their dads before the setting sun They opened fire and tore us up, men falling left and right For a lot of years I woke with tears from nightmares of the sight Chorus I'm Just a carolina farmer, I never even owned a slave A husband and a dad of a daughter, flirtin' with a rebel grave We hit their lines with a mighty clash of steel and blood and lead The smoke rose high above the fighting dying and the dead For a minute there it looked like we might break through the Union lines 'Til a fresh new wave of cold blue steel came charging from behind We lost the cause the cause was wrong, the price we paid was large Now we live in history, the men of Pickett's charge Chorus 3. Who's Perfect c. Erik Mostar (ASCAP) I'm not 20 but I'm not dead and I'm feelin' really good and I've gotta good head for facts and figures, it ain't failed me yet Some people say I might be living too hard picking and a singing like a balladeer bard Taking from life all the good that I can get I'm playing my songs in a hillbilly band Taking my shots and I'm taking my stand But all in all, I recall that that it suits me fine Chorus: And I like to roam and I've been known to Smoke those things that I said I wouldn't Do some other things that I knew I shouldn't And drink that whisky till I couldn't drink it no more Trying to do the things that I know I should And doing other things that thought I would But hoping someday I can say I did the best I could I do my best to help old people but I don't spend enough time under the steeple And I know I'd be better if I did it but I still don't And I should give more to charity maybe it would bring some parity 'tween the good and the bad and sad and the will and the won't Nobody's perfect, and neither am I Sometimes I fall most times I try to live the life I'm living, living day to day Chorus My best friend died at 25 from nothing he did wrong I remember looked me in the eye said it didn't last too long Well that's how it is and that's how it goes where it all ends nobody knows It's a crap shoot hoping for the good times rolling on Some folks like to sweat and strain making high dollar bills, feeling no pain Well I've done that before but I'd just as soon be singing my songs Chorus 4. Smoke on the Water c. Deep Purple (BLACKMORE, GILLAN, GLOVER, LORD, PAICE) (lyrics available on the internet) 5. Throwing Pennies c. Erik Mostar (ASCAP) The winds of change are blowing now The ocean waves are crashing over the bow The ship of life keeps sailing on From the dark of the night to the light of the dawn I need something to believe Before this place I'm gonna leave There must be something I can say Before the miles roll away Chorus: Everybody needs to find some peace of mind sometimes to get through another day When the best laid plans of mice and men just don't work out that way Can be like throwing copper pennies down a wishing well they say I see the miles toll up, the hours they melt It's hard to recall all the things that I felt I've been a chuggin' and pluggin' and sluggin' away I've been a burnin' and churnin' all the time of day Well I need something to believe Before this place I'm gonna leave There must be something I can say Before the miles roll away Chorus I've been a rowin' a flowin' all around the bend And all the while a knowin' gonna do it all again To find a line, a sign, a catchy little rhyme To build something in my life and make it truly mine I need something to believe Before this place I'm gonna leave There must be something I can say Before the miles roll away Chorus 6. Holiday c. Erik Mostar (ASCAP) I've been working on

1.1 Meet in the Middle
1.2 Cemetery Ridge
1.3 Who's Perfect
1.4 Smoke on the Water
1.5 Throwing Pennies
1.6 Holiday
1.7 Kaw Valley Days
1.8 Candle in the Wind
1.9 All the Dough (Hey Ho)
1.10 Love
1.11 Jedd
1.12 Ramble on

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