Jeff Angell's Staticland

Jeff Angell's Staticland: Jeff Angell's Staticland

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Product Type: VINYL LP

Artist: Jeff Angell's Staticland
Title: Jeff Angell's Staticland
Product Type: VINYL LP

Double LP vinyl LP pressing includes digital download. STATICLAND is a captivating menagerie of songs that effortlessly shift from raucous, snarling, barn burners to moving Stones-inspired ballads that you will want to play on repeat. Produced By Grammy award winner Vance Powell (Jack White, The Dead Weather, The Raconteurs, Seasick Steve), the sound is that of a provocative, imaginative blues rock which breaths new life into the genre both sonically and stylistically. With an unexpected, indefinite hole in their schedule, Angell, along with key collaborator Benjamin Anderson, were offered the opportunity by UDR to expand on the sound they had defined in their previous bands. They recruited Post Stardom Depression drummer Joshua Fant, entered a rehearsal room in Seattle and started, as Angell calls it, "putting in the time." The songs came together quickly, and before they knew it, they had conceived a thrilling batch of new material that succeed in capturing the spontaneity and excitement of people who are passionate about making music and that have the experience to do it well. The songs swing and shuffle savagely. They are dynamic and diverse, and while each stands as an achievement on it's own. Together they provide an ever-changing escape into a variety of audio environments, with Angell's narrative and vivid imagery lighting the way.

1.1 Everything Is Wrong
1.2 The Edge
1.3 Never Look Back
1.4 Band-Aid on a Bullet Hole
1.5 Phantom Limb
2.2 The World Is Gonna Win
1.7 Nola
2.4 I'll Find You
2.1 High Score
3.2 If You Only Knew
2.3 Tomorrow's Chore
3.4 Freak
2.5 The Past Where It Belongs
4.2 The Cure or the Curse
2.7 Let the Healing Begin

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