Jeff Forrest

Jeff Forrest: Jeffs Imagination Nation

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Artist: Jeff Forrest

Artist: Jeff Forrest
Title: Jeffs Imagination Nation

Hello friends and welcome to the wonderful world of Jeff's Imagination Nation, a place where dinosaurs roam, sofa's serve as surfboards, and pirates appear everywhere. It's a truly fun, happy, and child friendly place where the imagination rules.   Jeff's Imagination Nation comes from the genius of renowned songwriter, producer/musician Jeff Forrest and stems from his firm belief in teaching children the positive effects of forming and reaching goals through positive thinking.   Come along and imagine all the things possible through positivity, enjoy a taste of a juicy watermelon on a warm summer day, and even learn about the history of electricity. This is the first album in a series of fun, entertaining, and educational collections of songs that the entire family will enjoy.   Each consecutive album will introduce a new friend/character to Jeff's ever growing nation. So be sure to check in regularly and keep in touch to find all the latest news.   We also encourage reviews from parents and teachers. So please listen, have fun, and most of all, remember to think positive thoughts!

1.1 I Need a Dinosaur
1.2 Michaels Riddle
1.3 Imagine That
1.4 Watermelon
1.5 Sofa Surfing
1.6 The Cat Played the Fiddle
1.7 Mr Mells Riddle
1.8 Pirates Everywhere
1.9 Maries Riddle
1.10 Pedro the Chihuahua
1.11 History of Electricity
1.12 Sleep Tight

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