Jeff Harris

Jeff Harris: No Filter

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Artist: Jeff Harris

Artist: Jeff Harris
Title: No Filter

This album contains original songs from the comedic mind of Jeff Harris. Adult Content, NOT Suitable for some audiences.

1.1 The Encounter
1.2 Gay Brady Bunch
1.3 I'm Not Gay
1.4 Bad Road Trip (7 Mile Bridge Song)
1.5 The Tushy Hole Song
1.6 My Dog
1.7 The Pussy Song
1.8 When She Talks
1.9 I Like Pretty Girls
1.10 My Girlfriend
1.11 The Shortest Love Song in the World
1.12 Too Drunk
1.13 My Favorite Words
1.14 I Got the Crabs
1.15 Just Got Married
1.16 The Break Up Song
1.17 The Boobies Song

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