Jeff Liberman

Jeff Liberman: Jazz N' Blues

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Artist: Jeff Liberman

Artist: Jeff Liberman
Title: Jazz N' Blues

Eclectic Offering of Rock, Jazz and Blues.

1.1 This Is the Moment
1.2 Chameleon
1.3 Inside
1.4 Awakening
1.5 White Room
1.6 The Blues Over Carmel Bay
1.7 No Safe Harbor
1.8 Don't Leave Me Cold
1.9 Before the Dawn
1.10 The Thrill Is Gone
1.11 Moonlight Dancing in Her Eyes
1.12 Melancholy Me
1.13 It's a "Feel" Thing
1.14 On the Edge
1.15 I Shot the Sheriff
1.16 Political Jam
1.17 Jazz N' Blues

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