Jeff Marcus

Jeff Marcus: Never Mind the Truth

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Artist: Jeff Marcus

Artist: Jeff Marcus
Title: Never Mind the Truth

Jeff Marcus is a guitarist/multi-instrumentalist/psychiatrist from Madison, WI who has released his fourth solo CD, 'Never Mind the Truth' in 2009. Like his other releases, this CD features all-instrumental, primarily guitar-based music, heavy on melody and mood. A wide range of guitar tones and textures are utilized, with a strong emphasis on phrasing and subtlety. All instruments, with the exception of drums, and acoustic guitar on one track, are performed by Jeff Marcus. The music encompasses instrumental rock, with bits of prog, jazz fusion, blues, and funk mixed in. The riffs are accesible and have a definite groove. Jeff Marcus has a unique and highly developed guitar style which is readily apparent in his music. Jeff Marcus was featured by Mike Varney in Guitar World's 'Hometown Heroes' column several years ago, for his melodic technique, phrasing, and natural vibrato. Obvious influences include Jeff Beck, David Gilmour and Steve Vai.

1.1 The Fix Is on
1.2 Just Before the Dawn
1.3 Half Mile
1.4 Steady As She Goes
1.5 Rewind (Fragments of 1986)
1.6 Heavy Guitar
1.7 The Long Goodbye
1.8 Green
1.9 Even the Color
1.10 Floating Again
1.11 Slow It Down
1.12 Whiteout

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