Jeff Schroeder: Explore New Worlds

Jeff Schroeder: Explore New Worlds
Title: Explore New Worlds
Label: CD Baby

Singer/songwriter and 2nd grade teacher, Jeff Schroeder released his first CD titled Explore New Worlds back in 2002. Several of the songs were written by Jeff. The CD contains fun songs to help kids learn concepts related to math, science, language arts, and positive social development. The CD has two unique features. It contains a 24 page booklet with song lyrics (One song per page, so the words are large enough for kids to read!). It also contains backing music tracks so kids can be the lead singers! Jeff teaches 2nd grade at Ridgeview Elementary School in Sparta, Michigan. When students have difficulties learning certain concepts, or skills, it inspires him to write. 'Music can be very instrumental in learning (no pun intended!). Singing is not only fun and motivational, but it offers what is called a 'right brain assist.' Music is a function of the right hemisphere of the brain. When concepts involving the left hemisphere (such as reading, spoken language, math numerals and equations, classification, etc.) are tied in with music, it can act as a vehicle in learning.' Jeff remembers the time when he wrote his first songs to help his students with their math. 'Our curriculum involved using four 'rules' to help students learn their addition facts, but some kids still were not 'getting it.' I thought to myself, 'Maybe they would catch on if it were put to music.' One Thursday night after school I picked up my guitar, grabbed paper and a pencil, and began to write a song about 'doubles' (one of the rules). The music and the lyrics just came to me. By the end of that weekend I had completed 5 songs; one song for each rule, plus an introductory song called Addition Facts. I thank God for that talent. When the time is right, the words and music flow freely.' Jeff recorded the album at Tom Hagen Studios in Saranac, Michigan, where Tom and his wife Cherie helped out with the instrumentation and production of the CD. 'Tom is so talented, and he had the resources necessary for me to do the project with a minimal amount of time and outside help. He was a huge factor in the success of this project.' Jeff would also like to credit Bill Jourdan and Ada Boy Productions. They did all of the artwork and graphics for the booklet, tray card, and disc. 'Bill did a fantastic job for me!' Given 16 tracks of great music, the 24 page booklet with lyrics, and 9 additional backing tracks with this CD, $15 is a SUPER value! Have fun listening!

1.1 Explore New Worlds
1.2 Habitat
1.3 Swinging on a Star
1.4 Summarize a Story
1.5 Addition Facts
1.6 Doubles
1.7 Doubles +1
1.8 9 Rule
1.9 Count-Ons
1.10 Solving Real Life Problems
1.11 Subtraction
1.12 4 Seasons
1.13 Senses Boogie
1.14 Don't Laugh at Me
1.15 A Friend Like U
1.16 I Think You're Wonderful
1.17 Background Music Track (Track #1)
1.18 Background Music Track (Track #2)
1.19 Background Music Track (Track #3)
1.20 Background Music Track (Track #4)
1.21 Background Music Track (Track #12)
1.22 Background Music Track (Track #13)
1.23 Background Music Track (Track #14)
1.24 Background Music Track (Track #15)
1.25 Background Music Track (Track #16)

Jeff Schroeder: Explore New Worlds

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