Jeff Young

Jeff Young: Pure Herringbone

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Artist: Jeff Young

Artist: Jeff Young
Title: Pure Herringbone

My day job involves playing and recording with Jackson Browne, Sting, Steely Dan, and lately Leann Rimes. In other words I'm a sideman keyboardist/ singer and have enjoyed working with the best in the music business. But I have continued to write and record songs that are dear to me. Pure Herringbone is more about a live musical than an album because music especially rhythm and blues based music is better experienced live. So I've also written a script called ONE HIT AWAY featuring Pure Herringbone and The Leroys. A Leroy by the way is a guy that plays in a band. All Leroys have a history. Here's mine Jeff Young.

1.1 Pure Herringbone
1.2 Jack of Trades
1.3 The Colour of Money
1.4 Coasting
1.5 Working My Way Downtown
1.6 Shopping for Clothes
1.7 One Hit Away
1.8 Dodging Bullets
1.9 Don't It Just Break Your Heart
1.10 Stand Clear of the Closing Doors

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