Jefferson Ross

Jefferson Ross: Isle of Hope

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Artist: Jefferson Ross

Artist: Jefferson Ross
Title: Isle of Hope

Imagine a twisted world populated with voodoo doctors, pot smoking, Tupperware selling mommies, Bible characters and Siamese twins...winos, cops, murderers and hookers on the run...shamans, preachers and voices from the grave. You have landed on my Isle Of Hope... not just the idyllic suburban island near Savannah, Georgia, but the whacky paradise that keeps me breathing in and sanctuary from chainsaw thrash rap and uber-glitter pop imaginary Avalon of misfits, dreamers and sinners and outlaw saints who happen to live in the same body. Please kick back and hear the birds cooing, the surf shushing and the Spanish moss waving back at the sunset. Sip on something cool. Welcome to the Isle Of Hope.

1.1 Two Horses
1.2 Take the Picture
1.3 Family Drama
1.4 Blind Willie Goes Home
1.5 Here Comes the Wind
1.6 Clues
1.7 High Times in the Low Country
1.8 The Branch and the Vine
1.9 Isle of Hope
1.10 Daddy Loves to Rock
1.11 '77 Lime Green Cadillac Hearse
1.12 Some Days I Feel Like David
1.13 Yesterday's Paper
1.14 People Posting Pictures
1.15 I'm Your Memory
1.16 Stories

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