Jehan: Goddessdance Sampler

Jehan: Goddessdance Sampler
Title: Goddessdance Sampler
Label: CD Baby

The hypnotic Jehan, has performed from the grand concert halls of the west, to the temples of the Middle and Far East. She presents the passionate beauty of traditional Middle Eastern and multi-cultural music and dance in her exotic shows - dazzling the senses and sending the imagination soaring. Whether in an intimate night club or party, or in a large theatrical venue, she remains the quintessential Oriental dancer. Her unique choreography and music are inspired by the doctrines of magic, devotional ritual, world mythologies, sculpture and poetry... Jehan is one of the top bellydancers in the world and a force trying to bring in the next age. A cross of Iraqi and German heritage, Jehan's musical compositions and choreography reflect the best of both east and west. The songs are multi-lingual and she has been fortunate to have several guest vocalists, highly respected in the own countries, record with her. The universal language of her music and dance transcends all barriers. In her musical compositions her inner search is strongly felt, making for a sincere and dramatic sound.

1.1 Pharohs Procession
1.2 Urban Gypsy
1.3 Inner Flight
1.4 Dark Side of the Oud
1.5 Enter the Temple
1.6 Come Darkness
1.7 Om Shanti
1.8 Mysterium
1.9 Returning
1.10 Conversations at the Hammam
1.11 Illumination Instrumental
1.12 Earth Prayer
1.13 Tantric Bliss

Jehan: Goddessdance Sampler

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