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Jen & Abby: Cannot Rearrange

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Artist: Jen & Abby

Artist: Jen & Abby
Title: Cannot Rearrange

The story of Jen and Abby... In April of 2005, a young talented musician with an Ovation met a young talented actor with some poems in a Starbucks on Hollywood Blvd. The young musician, having played for over 10 years, was hesitant about writing with the young actor, but she decided to meet with her once, then tell her that it wasn't going to work out. They met days later at the musician's little apartment in Valley Village and a little over an hour after they started 'jamming' had two songs under their belt. One of those songs has traveled with them all the way to their first album. In May of 2005, the musician and actor played their first gig and truly haven't looked back. Jen, the musician, and Abby, the actor, have played out at some well-known Los Angeles venues such as The Roxy, The Viper Room, Room 5, and their favorite spot, Hotel Café. They have had songs placed on Gilmore Girls and most recently on the indie features 'Weather Girl' and 'Let the Game Begin.' In December of 2008, Jen and Abby plan the release of their first album titled Cannot Rearrange. They feel that although the songwriting process has been one worth celebrating, their favorite outlet is live performance. And although Jen and Abby are two very different beings (kind of like a bird from the sky drawn to a fish from the water) they are bound together with one common goal, to change the world through their music, one being at a time.

1.1 Destroy Me
1.2 Lazy Angels
1.3 Let Go
1.4 Lightweight
1.5 Help Me Out
1.6 Cannot Rearrange
1.7 Hush
1.8 Safe
1.9 Be Still My Dear
1.10 Enjoy the View

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