Jeni Fleming Acoustic Trio

Jeni Fleming Acoustic Trio: We'll Be Together Again

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Artist: Jeni Fleming Acoustic Trio
Title: We'll Be Together Again

Two legendary Montana performing groups come together to create an unforgettable album of symphonic jazz, 'We'll Be Together Again.' Fast becoming one of the new west's most revered ensembles, the Jeni Fleming Trio brings a breathtaking originality to some of the best music of the American songbook. With a powerful blend of voice, guitar, and double bass, they create an enchanting mix of classical, jazz, and pop tradition. Since 1985, the String Orchestra of the Rockies has offered a subscription concert series to it's audiences in Missoula, and prides itself on being the only ensemble of it's kind in Montana. The orchestra has, since it's inception, performed without a conductor, relying instead on inner cohesion and the musical sensitivity of it's members. With arrangements by Trio members Jake Fleming and Chad Langford, plus veteran composers Eric Funk and Glen Johnston, 'We'll Be Together Again' is an eclectic, lyrical reading of 14 jazz standards.

1.1 I Concentrate on You
1.2 If Ever I Would Leave You
1.3 Quiet Now
1.4 Once Around the Sun
1.5 Day Dream
1.6 Cucurrucucu, Paloma
1.7 Alfie
1.8 Malecon
1.9 We Both Believed This Was a Solo
1.10 Come Fly with Me
1.11 If I Loved You
1.12 We'll Be Together Again
1.13 Dindi
1.14 Is This Goodby to Love?

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