Jeniblue: Scarlett Road

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Artist: Jeniblue

Artist: Jeniblue
Title: Scarlett Road

This album has been a journey of just writing and singing songs that I want to sing and that move me, rather than worrying about the commercial facter. I wrote lyrics that either came from dreams, real life experiences, or my colorful imagination. My producer, Barry Fasman, is so in tune with what I want to achieve. I come to him with lyrics and a melody, sometimes just lyrics, and off we go on this amazing journey of creating a song that makes us happy and that we love to listen to. These songs are never boring. No matter how often I listen to them I find something new that I hadn't heard before. And no matter what mood I happen to be in at the time, this music always moves me to visualize some romantic place where lovers are struggling to stay in love.

1.1 What's Wrong with My Baby
1.2 Scarlet Road
1.3 Movin Thru Keys
1.4 All for Me
1.5 Sailin with Me
1.6 Blackbird
1.7 Angel's Got Me Dreamin
1.8 Country Girl
1.9 Put a Guy in It
1.10 If You Were An Angel
1.11 Blackbird [Instrumental]

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