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Title: Future Christmas
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Future Christmas Liner Notes Everyone has their own ideas about the meaning of the winter holiday season. There are many faiths that celebrate a holiday around the time of the winter solstice, and they all have much in common. For me, the common thread is the love of one's family, (relations or not), and the celebration of one's home and hearth, whatever the circumstance. In the family tradition that I was raised in, we celebrated the Christmas holiday season in the same way as many American families do, we exchanged presents, decorated the tree, put up the outdoor lights, went caroling and happily consumed my mom's fantastic holiday cuisine. Although those practices didn't have a lot to do with any religious significance, we bonded over them and celebrated the joy of our relationships. To me, that is the true meaning of the holiday season, illuminating those long dark days, cherishing those we love, spending time together, and hoping for a bright future. With this in mind, I hope you enjoy my musical celebration of the winter holiday season! Angels We Have Heard On High (traditional) 4:27 My arrangement for this timeless composition was inspired by a version that Randy Drake and I played with the great trombonist Bill Watrous. We've played in his quartet for decades and Randy has played in my trio almost as long. I love the joy of this piece. It is our boisterous introduction as each member of the trio steps forward to shine. Future Christmas (The Global Warming Winter Holiday Blues) (Jennifer Leitham) 5:03 Sinistral Music BMI When I first put my mind to writing an original Christmas tune, it occurred to me that most of the non religious songs were about snow all over the place. When I was growing up in Pennsylvania, it seemed that every winter there was a White Christmas. In today's world, it is increasingly rare. Our way of living is being threatened like never before. It's up to us to connect with our inner voice, drive the bus, and celebrate changing the paradigm. Christmas Time Is Here (Vince Guaraldi, Lee Mendelson) 5:02 Lee Mendelson Film Prod., Inc BMI The Charlie Brown Christmas animated special contained some of the first Jazz music that I ever was exposed to. I loved this Vince Guaraldi tune then and it still is one of my favorites. Monty Budwig, (who later became a dear friend and mentor), played the first bass solo I ever heard on the soundtrack album. When I played on Mel Torme's "Christmas Songs" CD, we played this arrangement. Mel was very receptive to my ideas about the approach we took to this tune, the only change he made was adding some chord substitutions during the piano solo chorus. It wound up becoming a holiday classic. One of my proudest moments. Feels Like Home For Christmas 5:18 I'll Be Home For Christmas - (Kent, Gannon, Ram) Gannon and Kent Music Co, Piedmont Music Co ASCAP / Feels Like Home, (Randy Newman) WB Music Corp ASCAP Home can be anywhere, regardless of circumstance, and Randy Newman's tune makes "home" a concept that can be about people as much as a place. Some of us are on a continual journey to find "home". It gives a whole new meaning to "I'll Be Home For Christmas". Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas 4:26 (Martin, Blaine) EMI Feist Catalog Inc ASCAP Or a merry big one!! Nature's Blessing (Trad, Hector Berlioz, Jennifer Leitham) 5:47 Bring A Torch Jeanette Isabella / The Shepherd's Farewell from The Childhood of Christ with original Nature's Blessing lyric by Jennifer Leitham Sinistral Music BMI The two French songs that I combine here both were originally written in the spirit of a civilization pinning it's hopes and dreams on the backs of children. My new lyric, set to the beautiful music of Hector Berlioz, turns that idea around. It asks for a new Divine Providence, that which must come from our collective, living human spirit, as we work to make a better present and future for all children now and for those to come. Little Drummer Boy / Big Bass Girl 6:20 Big Bass Girl (Leitham) Sinistral Music BMI / Little Drummer Boy (Davis, Onorati,Simeone) EMI Mills Music Inc International Korwin Corp ASCAP Randy and I go on a holiday inspired romp. We're such old friends and we always have hooked up so well musically. Last year, during one of our holiday shows, I asked him to join me on this piece that I usually play solo. In this studio version, it was much the same, I just started playing and we made it up as we went along. Winter Wonderland 2:36 (Bernard, Smith) WB Music Corp ASCAP Thought I'd throw in something a little more traditional. Blue Christmas 3:08 (Bob Dorough) Irving Music Inc, OBO Sincere Music BMI I tried singing this piece in keys that suited my vocal range, but it just didn't have the same dark impact that I sought. My friend Bob Dorough is a true musical genius, this epic composition was an important message that he sent to the world when he recorded it with Miles Davis in 1962. It rings true now more than ever. When I spoke to him about recording my version, he sent the original arrangement that he wrote for Miles and some newer ones he wrote for his own groups. I combined elements of all, and then sang it in Bob's key. Obviously it's out of my range but in my humble opinion, in going for the low notes, the gravel helps to amplify the dark message. Sorry if it scares you, it's intentional! Jingle Bells (James Lord Pierpont ) 4:00 Imagine the unbridled joy of kids on Christmas morning, full of sugar and racing around the tree and crashing through the wrapping paper. Pianist Andy Langham is experiencing the joy of his young ones as his family celebrates their first holiday traditions. His playing captures the joy impeccably. O Tannenbaum (traditional) 3:33 Back in the day, one of my holiday traditions was to play O Tannenbaum for that year's tree. A loving tribute from one piece of spruce to another..... On behalf of my musical family and good friends Andy Langham and Randy Drake, and all who made this project possible, we wish you and yours joyous love and Happy Holidays! - Jennifer Leitham Featuring The Jennifer Leitham Trio Jennifer Leitham bass, vocals, water drops, sleighbells Andy Langham piano Randy Drake drums, sleighbells All arrangements by Jennifer Leitham except for Nature's Blessing arranged by Jennifer Leitham and Scott Whitfield and Blue Xmas (To Whom It May Concern) arranged by Jennifer Leitham and Bob Dorough Producer - Jennifer Leitham Executive Producers - Jo Ann Martin, Saul Kent, and Roberta Conroy Recording Engineer - Andy Waterman Electronic Witch - Sharon Brackett Photography by Maria Brunner Ventura About Jennifer Leitham: Her story is compelling. Her journey has been most unconventional. Her career is groundbreaking as she attempts to bring a sense of normalcy to a subject that many people don't understand, all the while proudly displaying her exceptional skills. She is considered by many to be be one of the finest Jazz bassists in the world. She began her life with the name John Leitham. In her professional life, she had played with numerous big names, including Woody Herman, George Shearing, Bob Cooper, Bill Watrous, and Peggy Lee. She was Mel Torme's bassist for ten years. For most of that time, she was also a bandleader and studio musician, playing on over one hundred recordings, including five discs under her own name. She married, settled in L.A., but all that while, was struggling to deal with and keep secret her gender identity. Finally, in a process that was lengthy and painful, physically and emotionally, she transitioned in 2001 while touring with Doc Severinsen. She has maintained a vigorous career throughout and has achieved much acclaim and acceptance. Jennifer has been a featured artist at at many of the world's most prestigious jazz festivals and clubs. She has recently appeared with her trio at some of the finest venues in the world, including The Blue Note, Iridium, Small's, and Dizzy's Club Coca Cola in New York, The Toronto Pride Fest, The Bohem

1.1 Angels We Have Heard on High
1.2 Future Christmas (The Global Warming Winter Holiday Blues)
1.3 Christmas Time Is Here
1.4 Feels Like Home for Christmas
1.5 Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
1.6 Nature's Blessing
1.7 Little Drummer Boy / Big Bass Girl
1.8 Winter Wonderland
1.9 Blue Xmas (To Whom It May Concern)
1.10 Jingle Bells
1.11 O Tannenbaum

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