Jennifer Lothrigel

Jennifer Lothrigel: Reclaiming the Sacred Feminine in Our Bodies

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Artist: Jennifer Lothrigel
Title: Reclaiming the Sacred Feminine in Our Bodies

As a woman, wholeness comes from our willingness to embrace who we are. We are the divine feminine in human form. The invitation to hold the sacred essence of the Divine Feminine whispers to us at all times. When we listen, we hear reminiscences of our.

1.1 Intro ; Discussion on the Sacred Feminine
1.2 Guided Meditation for Meeting the Sacred Feminine in Your Body
1.3 Body Blessing
1.4 Wild Feminine Creativity
1.5 Body Cleansing Ceremony
1.6 Dancing with the Feminine Flame of Desire
1.7 Rebirthing Meditation
1.8 Prayers for Mother God
1.9 Writing Your Sacred Body Poem
1.10 Ceremony for Self Nurturing
1.11 She Wants to Hold You, How to Let Her

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