Jennifer Nash

Jennifer Nash: Black

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Artist: Jennifer Nash

Artist: Jennifer Nash
Title: Black

This cover song is perfomed with the utmost passion and servitude towards the original masters: Peal Jam, one of my all time favorite bands. Eddie Vedder and Stone Gossard wrote this song together for their album 'Ten.' I have such beautful and confusing memories from listening to that song in a van as a teenager with some new friends whom I just wanted to become... The song is so pure and beautiful, and we enjoyed recording it so much that it needed it's own little single. Cellist Guenevere Measham recorded with us the day before a life changing trip to Australia, to where she has since moved and started a new life! She is so volitile (shhhh) and it comes through in the recording. Included is a song called Baby, very sweet and sort of sad. It is a live recording which is my favorite kind. Billy Malpede plays the piano like nothing else in the world exists in that perfect five minutes except for the piano and the song. Listen to the samples here and enjoy. Love, Jennifer.

1.1 Black
1.2 Baby
1.3 Black (Radio Edit)

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