Jennifer Zhang: Vs

Jennifer Zhang: Vs
Title: Vs
Label: CD Baby

Jennifer Zhang-geeky viral content creator, writer/producer of the award-winning horror film The Evil Inside, and producer/head of programming for Jace Hall's video game culture network Twin Galaxies Live-has ventured into the realm of music with a highly anticipated nerd-centric pop album release. "Jennifer Zhang VS" is a unique EP Produced by JAMES tha DJ for his Danger Squad Records label, featuring original tracks written by Zhang that are characterized by their references to video games, comic books, science fiction, fantasy and martial arts. The album's debut is accompanied by the release of a music video for the single "Batsuit"-a track that pokes fun at her lifelong obsession with Batman. With combat action and creative direction by the team behind the popular dramatic short "Batman: Death Wish", it can be viewed online. "Jennifer Zhang VS" was conceived of as a passionate musical tribute to the media and fandom that have been heavy influences in Zhang's personal and professional life. While music on nerd themes and subjects has largely fallen within the hip hop or parody genres, her extended play album is marked by a distinctive electronic pop sound, and maintains mainstream appeal while containing deep references that fans of geek media will appreciate. From the track "Space Cowboy" Space Cowboy with your shiny blaster / Rest here and slake your thirst / (Yippee-ki-yay, yippee-ki-yo) / Space Cowboy in this strange cantina / With me you won't shoot first / (So make it so, so naked, oh!) From the track "Batsuit" Lemme heat it up, make you better than you felt / Whatchu got for me in that sexy yellow belt? / Leave it to the "Blue Boys" / All I want is you, boy / Opposite of Mr. Freeze / Imma make you melt. The album owes it's professional sound to it's primary collaborators, producer JAMES tha DJ and sound engineer Glenn Suravech. Regarded as one of Los Angeles' premiere up-and-coming DJs/producers, JAMES tha DJ has made a name for himself as a permanent fixture in Los Angeles' and Hollywood's nightlife. While Glenn Suravech is a music producer himself with his Mosaic Sound Recordings imprint, in the engineering realm, he has lent his expertise to an impressive array of albums that includes Grammy-nominated records by Jackson Browne and Bob Dylan, and has worked with Ben Harper, Dawes, the Chieftains and Crosby & Nash. More on Jennifer Zhang's filmmaking, writing, singing, and other creative ventures can be found on her official site. She can be seen nightly on the Twin Galaxies Live network.

1.1 Space Cowboy
1.2 Batsuit
1.3 Your Fantasy
1.4 I Win
1.5 Fight Me

Jennifer Zhang: Vs

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