Jenny Dalton

Jenny Dalton: Black Water

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Artist: Jenny Dalton

Artist: Jenny Dalton
Title: Black Water

After a long incubation period in the backwaters of the St Croix River, Jenny Dalton re-emerges with a new album entitled Black Water. For a few years, Dalton has been relatively insulated in the small river town of Stillwater to escape the pitfalls of a late-night lifestyle deep in Minneapolis where alcohol use and insomnia were taking their toll. So, inside the cocoon of a 140 year old house in Stillwater, Dalton's focus turned away from expectations and ambitions and towards introspection and development. There, the Black Water songs were written in the spirit of her final years in an extended adolescence marked with brooding existential questioning, fallout of failed relationships, and diligent soul searching via connecting to nature. 2013 seemed to foreshadow the swiftness of changes to come as she toured the country and played more shows than ever before. Then 2014 rushed her out of serene stagnation and into the brink of motherhood. With a baby girl on the way, Dalton moved back into the city and dedicated herself to completing the Black Water project - a project that brings closure to the unripe era she leaves behind.

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