Jenny Darren: Heartbreaker-Best of 1977-80

Jenny Darren: Heartbreaker-Best of 1977-80
Title: Heartbreaker-Best of 1977-80
Label: Angel Air

2015 collection from the under-appreciated British rock vocalist. Jenny Darren is one of the very few raunchy "rock chick" singers from the UK that could have given Joplin a run for her money. A child star, a recording veteran in a short time and by the late 70's rock had come calling with a vengeance and Jenny Darren was born with a voice and stage presence to die for. The female rock anthem "Heartbreaker" was written specifically for her by the songwriting partnership Gill/Wade but sadly her then record company dragged it's feet on releasing it as a single and Pat Benatar heard the track and then recorded the song which went on to chart in the USA. The tracks on this Best Of were recorded in the 1977 to 1980 period mostly at the famous 10cc Strawberry Studios. Jenny was by then supporting AC/DC on tour as well as performing at all the major festivals (Reading and Knebworth) and supporting Streetwalker and Patti Smith on tour.

1.1 Heartbreaker
1.2 Lay Me Like a Lady
1.3 Grand Canyon of My Dreams
1.4 I'm a Woman
1.5 Too Many Lovers
1.6 Taking It for the Love
1.7 Ready Steady Eddie
1.8 Burning Love
1.9 I Got the Feeling
1.10 I'm a Woman (I'm a Backbone)
1.11 So Many People
1.12 Love Potion No 9
1.13 We Had It All
1.14 Use What You Got
1.15 City Lights
1.16 The Wind Talking to the Pines
1.17 Skydiver
1.18 I Keep It Hid
1.19 Ladykiller

Jenny Darren: Heartbreaker-Best of 1977-80

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