Jenny: Free to Be Me

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Artist: Jenny

Artist: Jenny
Title: Free to Be Me

Jenny is a native of New Orleans residing in Oregon. She has been singing and playing the guitar since the age of 10. She is a mother, wife, singer, and songwriter with a zest for family and friends. Her first CD, 'Free To Be Me,' was released December 2007 followed by 'Fierce With Reality' December 2008 and then her most recent 'It's Your Turn...Shine' released June 2011. 'Like a whisper in my ear, these songs came to me; inspiration flowed abundantly and without warning; ever-present in my mind and in my heart; carrying me along this journey that has unimaginably fed my Soul ... and continues to do so.' Jenny wrote that upon completing her first CD 'Free to be Me' in 2007. Since then she has written a deluge of songs. Jenny describes motherhood, singing and songwriting as labors of love. She finds them to be challenging and rewarding and her self wanting to return each time. 'Each child, each song is special and unique. They tell stories and I'm continually fascinated with this entire process.' As a proud New Orleans native, music has played a monumental role in Jenny's life ever since she was a young girl. She believes this is a City that is truly incomparable and forever a part of her Heart and Soul. At the age of ten, Jenny was asked by a local artist to make a 'record' (back in the day!). Unfortunately however, due to contractural disagreements, Jenny has only a copy of the recording of that day, which she and her Family treasure. Her children love to hear their Mama sing when she was a little girl ! Jenny believes Life, God, the Universe, whatever you so choose, opens and closes doors for us for a reason. She feels the music was always inside of her. In February of 2006, six months after Hurricane Katrina, Jenny's family flew to New Orleans for a visit with family and friends still living there. It was during Mardi Gras and her first visit back since the hurricane. They simply could not believe the devastation. A tremendous loss was felt by all. Not solely of businesses; first and foremost, of people. The people of New Orleans are what really makes it unique. The culture, the food, the's all a result of the people. Immediately Jenny felt inspired to look inward. And that's when the outpouring of melodies began. She explains that lyrics, titles or even whole songs would come to her while fixing the kids their snacks, while driving in the car or in dreams. At the end of Summer 2007, after writing more than two dozen songs, with only 8 days to record before her kids started school, Jenny flew to AZ. With the help of friends, she recorded 10 of her songs on her first CD 'Free to be Me.' Ironically it was recorded on the first anniversary after Hurricane Katrina. In Summer 2008, she returned to her friends in Arizona to record her second CD 'Fierce with Reality.' Then, during the 5th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, Jenny began recording her third CD 'It's Your Turn...Shine' in Oregon, which was released June 2011. As an independent singer/songwriter, Jenny aspires to touch peoples' hearts and keep her lyrics personal and truthful, as only she knows how to write them. She continually strives to find her own way to help rebuild the City that is so deeply a part of her and who she is. She learned that the lyrics guide you along the journey and the melodies tell you just the path your journey will take. Finding herself in her melodies and sharing them has been both a vulnerable and freeing experience all at once. Jenny has found that by letting her Life enfold, she has touched the lives of others. This has been such a creative and ever-evolving journey for Jenny. Each revolution brings with it a newness she has come to fully enjoy and wholly embrace. In Jenny's words, 'It feels really good to be 'Free to be Me.' '

1.1 Listen to Your Soul
1.2 Surround Me
1.3 Family
1.4 Where Do We Go from Here?
1.5 Journey from Here to There
1.6 Possibilities Ahead
1.7 Free to Be Me
1.8 They Behold
1.9 Move Forward
1.10 Laissez Les Bon Temps Roulet

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