Jenny Jenkins

Jenny Jenkins: Oventoucher

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Artist: Jenny Jenkins

Artist: Jenny Jenkins
Title: Oventoucher

A longtime Olympia filmmaker and musician, Jenny\'s previous projects include, Super Duo , Encyclopedia of Fun, and \'Love is Stupid\' a musical staring then-olympian Mirah. Her two albums of solo material are rich with sensual language and a feel for the joys and ironies of love.

1.1 Therapy
1.2 Don't Break Up the Band
1.3 Birdwatchers
1.4 Bath
1.5 Last Time
1.6 I Won't Kiss You
1.7 Wish You Were Here
1.8 Bus Angel
1.9 Chance
1.10 What Goes Around
1.11 Phoenix
1.12 Darkness Like Sunshine
1.13 Hey Babe
1.14 Arrow
1.15 Sometimes I Sleep with Evil
1.16 River
1.17 Jacket

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