Jeremiah Clark & the Charmers: Bad & Gettin Worse'

Jeremiah Clark & the Charmers: Bad & Gettin Worse&
Title: Bad & Gettin Worse'
Label: CD Baby

Jeremiah Clark is a Baltimore-based folksinger and songwriter, a desperate criminal and conman, who has been trying to win over good-hearted, simple-minded folks with a blend of subversive preaching and the devil's music for over a decade. These days he's performing and recording with a mostly new outfit, Jeremiah Clark and the Charmers - their upcoming CD, 'Bad and Gettin' Worse' is due to be released this August. Pa Clark is always here for us with his upright bass and harmonies. Then there's Lou Janesko, an excellent fiddle and mandolin player. Last, and most definitely not least, there's force-of-nature Jen Swartout, lending her luscious vocals. They play with abandon, and a little desperation. They have little regard for authority figures, and seek to incite rebellion under the guise of 'social protest'. Their main goal, however, seems to be to excite the womenfolk, whilst reminding the boys of the dangers of excited womenfolk. Beware this band, who have ruined so many hitherto virtuous souls.

1.1 Three Short Days
1.2 I Don't Love You
1.3 Backslider
1.4 Cuz of You
1.5 Where to Go
1.6 Thousands and Thousands
1.7 Exploding Man
1.8 Ain't Gonna Hate Myself No More
1.9 Wolves
1.10 Uncomplicated
1.11 Big Ideas
1.12 Jackhammer
1.13 Down By the Riverside
1.14 Everyday

Jeremiah Clark & the Charmers: Bad & Gettin Worse'

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