Jeremiah Grube

Jeremiah Grube: Trust in Jesus

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Artist: Jeremiah Grube

Artist: Jeremiah Grube
Title: Trust in Jesus

Jeremiah Grube is a dynamic prophetic worship leader given over to the place of reckless abandon before the Father. With childlike faith, passion and transparency he leads people from the riverbank into the depths of the river. He is confident that in the place of intimacy, where the Father's love is revealed... freedom will come... destiny will be realized... The kingdom of Heaven will advance in the Earth! His passionate desire to see every life, region and nation experience the transforming power of Christ has given birth to Lion Of Judah Ministries International, under the covering of Pastor Dave Hess and Christ Community Church in Camp Hill, PA.

1.1 Dance Divine
1.2 Gate Called Beautiful
1.3 Prophetic Worship #1 [Live] [Live]
1.4 Trust in Jesus
1.5 There Is a River
1.6 Worthy Is the Lamb [Live] [Live]
1.7 Prophetic Worship #2 [Live] [Live]
1.8 Encouragement
1.9 The Stand
1.10 Daddy Loves You

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