Jeremy Moyer

Jeremy Moyer: Discovery of Chinese Folk Tunes

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Artist: Jeremy Moyer

Artist: Jeremy Moyer
Title: Discovery of Chinese Folk Tunes

Originally from Waterloo Ontario, Canada, Jeremy Moyer has spent several years in Mainland China, Taiwan, and New York City's Chinatown learning Chinese Music. He performs a repertoire of folk songs and ancient classical pieces from the Cantonese and Taiwanese musical traditions. Moyer plays the Gaohu (Cantonese high-pitched fiddle), the Taiwanese Coconut Shell Fiddle, and the Erhu (standard Chinese two-stringed fiddle). Moyer has always been attracted to the living folk music traditions - music which can be heard many mornings in the parks and teahouses of Chinese communities yet which is rarely represented on recordings or in formal performances. While working in Taiwan in 1996, he played the Coconut Shell Fiddle regularly with 78-year-old fiddler Zhang Shi-Dong, learning by rote Taiwanese folk tunes, folk opera pieces, and ancient religious and court songs which have been passed down through the Chinese oral tradition. While living in New York City from 1998 to 2001, Moyer played the Gaohu and studied Cantonese music with Yeung-Yee Lee. He was also a member of the Chinese Chamber Ensemble of New York where he played the Erhu. 'A Discovery of Chinese Folk Tunes' was recorded in Canada in 1997. It features music for the Taiwanese Coconut Shell Fiddle. The music is arranged and performed in a rustic traditional manner preserving the style of Moyer's Taiwanese teacher, Zhang Shi-Dong and the older generation of Chinese folk fiddlers. 'The subtlety of the music and the playing requires several listenings before one can adjust to the gentle nature of the sounds, indeed, to the philosophy which breathes life into those sounds. There is a delicacy here which makes our frenetic lifestyles seem almost frivolous...' Harry Currie, The Record. ??? ??? If you have any questions, please email

1.1 Spring (Cun Jing)
1.2 Madly in Love (Tao Hua Guo Du)
1.3 Meng Jiang Mourns Her Lost Husband (Meng Jiang Nu Diao)
1.4 By the Light of the Lantern (Xiang Si Deng)
1.5 The 5th Watch/Copper Coin (Wu Gen Gu/Diu Diu Tong
1.6 Endless Hostility (Qian LI Yuan)
1.7 Three Stanzas from Yang-Guan (Yang-Guan San Die)
1.8 Happiness and Good Cheer (Bai Jia Chun)
1.9 Thinking Back (Si Xiang Qi)
1.10 Walking to Changhua/Xue-Mei Dreams of a Gentleman (Zhang-Hua Dia

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