Jeremy Rourke

Jeremy Rourke: It's Strange the Things That Happen to Your Friend

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Artist: Jeremy Rourke

Artist: Jeremy Rourke
Title: It's Strange the Things That Happen to Your Friend

The songs on this album found their inspiration in the adventures of traveling, the beauty of staying home, and the wonderment found in watching the lives around you. Jeremy's poetically packed lyrics and intricate guitar playing are sprinkled with hauntingly beautiful violin, heartfelt horns, whimsical percussion and occasional harmonies. The physical CD itself is packaged in recycled cardboard packs (sans plastic) and individually stamped and stenciled by Jeremy himself, making each one a unique piece of art.* Although 'it's strange the things that happen to your friends,' is more fully packed with other players and sounds, it maintains the intimate quality of his 2004 full length album 'Rain in the Woods Out Back.' *Please note that each CD package has been individually stenciled and stamped, the picture shown here is just one example, and will vary from the CD package design that you receive.

1.1 Hello
1.2 I'm Gone
1.3 Jazzy Birds
1.4 Dance a Little
1.5 Hopi Drums
1.6 It's Just a Dream
1.7 Prettiest Things in Your Head
1.8 Honey the Moon
1.9 What You Said from the Door
1.10 Under Cold Bright Stars
1.11 Town of Grieving
1.12 That Old Joke Again
1.13 Barely Matters
1.14 It's Strange the Things That Happen to Your Friends

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