Jeremyah: Student of Life

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Artist: Jeremyah

Artist: Jeremyah
Title: Student of Life

Jeremyah: Student of Life Student Of Life explodes onto the scene as one of the hottest C.D.'s to hit the shelf in a long while. This C.D. is one that explores the inner-man of a young brotha' who has searched and found what he has come to know as Truth. The melodies of the acoustic soul will guide you through every struggle and triumph of Jeremyah. For sake of categories the C.D. had to be placed in R&B/Soul, however to get the true feel, Student Of Life needs to be placed in it's own genre known as Neo-SoulSpel. This is a rich combination of New Soul with a Gospel foundation that will have you closing your eyes and losing your self in the rhythm.

1.1 Words to Live By
1.2 Fearless
1.3 Away
1.4 Warfare
1.5 Fire
1.6 It's Not Ok
1.7 Complete Me
1.8 Freestyle Feelings
1.9 Relax
1.10 Never Forget You

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