Jerez Le Cam Trio: Buenos Aires, Esquinas Y Fugas

Jerez Le Cam Trio: Buenos Aires, Esquinas Y Fugas
Title: Buenos Aires, Esquinas Y Fugas
Label: Bayard Musique

The latest creation by Gerardo Jerez Le Cam which honors Argentine tango. Absolute vituosity !Gerardo Jerez Le Cam, a composer as talented as he is prolific, delivers a new work to us, this time inspired by the atmospheres and crossbreeding of an imaginary city that could have been Buenos Aires, a city where the festive spirit coexists with a omnipresent nostalgia and where the tango reigns supreme.The trio of musicians, as accomplices in the city as on stage, does wonders to express all the quintessence of musical writing."Here, Gerardo Jerez Le Cam scaffolds, arranges, builds, researches and composes a nuevo tango that is his own, a turbulent, awake, organic tango ! The mysteries of the genre remain but are strongly calligraphic and imagined throughout the titles of this album in the secrets and mysteries of the magic of this exceptional pianist." Bernard Cavanna

1.1 Antes de la Pelea
1.2 Cuervo en Fuga
1.3 Duende de la Luna
1.4 Brava Daga
1.5 Kaida Libre
1.6 Jugada Íntima
1.7 Brabadag Tango
1.8 Impenetrable
1.9 Senda de los Talas
1.10 Buclenmen
1.11 Playa Cosmopolita

Jerez Le Cam Trio: Buenos Aires, Esquinas Y Fugas

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