Jericco: Jericco Live 2011

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Artist: Jericco

Artist: Jericco
Title: Jericco Live 2011

Rock bands are defined by their live show, and Melbourne alternative rock powerhouse Jericco is no exception. It is with great pleasure and excitement that they announce the release of their live album, unleashed upon the public on July 15th, and following up the release of their two highly successful EPs. The album was recorded at various prestigious venues across the nation, and also features three brand new studio tracks, as a taster for their debut studio album.

1.1 Intro
1.2 Monsters
1.3 Always
1.4 Nice to See You
1.5 No Solution No Problem
1.6 Safe to Say
1.7 Sun
1.8 Cause and Effect
1.9 Promises Made of Glass
1.10 Chilli
1.11 B Song
1.12 Pile of Stones

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