Jerry Dean

Jerry Dean: Cien Mil

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Artist: Jerry Dean

Artist: Jerry Dean
Title: Cien Mil

Jerry Dean is no new comer to the music industry. Jerry Dean has been surrounded by music all his life. Influenced by his father, Al Hurricane, and family, Al Hurricane, Jr., Tiny Morrie, Lorenzo Antonio, SPARX and Baby Gaby, Jerry Dean was bound to a path of distinctive, dynamic and creative music. Jerry Dean started playing trumpet and guitar in his father's band at the age of 13. He traveled extensively with his renown family throughout the United States and Mexico. Jerry Dean had the great opportunity to perform and sing with his family in front of crowds ranging from 5,000 to 20,000 people over the years. Playing and performing music is not the only talent Jerry Dean possesses. Jerry Dean is one of the finest music producers in the Southwest. As an artist and producer, Jerry Dean has recorded and produced CDS since 1997 which have sold over 200,000 copies throughout the southwest. Jerry Dean has performed for thousands of people at places such as "Journal Pavilion", "Greystone Castle", casinos, fiestas, state fairs, and nightclubs in New Mexico and Colorado throughout his solo career. Jerry Dean continues to charm the airwaves and audiences throughout New Mexico and Colorado with his radio friendly hit songs that keep coming and coming. In a family tradition style, with his top selling cds, Jerry Dean's music and performances continue to capture the hearts of fans throughout the southwest! ...A Music Tradition Continues...

1.1 Amor de Cantina
1.2 Yo Quiero Bailar Una Cumbia
1.3 Canción de Amor
1.4 Con Cariño
1.5 Que Tristesa Me Acompaña
1.6 El Mundo Es Grande
1.7 Con Cartitas
1.8 Besos de Miel
1.9 Amor de Una Madre
1.10 Mi Madre Lloraba

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