Jerry Larocca

Jerry Larocca: Years of Longing

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Jerry Larocca

Title: Years of Longing
Label: CD Baby

CD REVIEW: Jerry Larocca - 'YEARS OF LONGING' Jerry Larocca's 2006 release 'Years of Longing' is 14 languid melodies featuring (mostly) piano and synthesizer. If you like pastoral music you likely will appreciate this CD. The melodies unfold at a leisurely pace, as if to accompany you on a contemplative walk through the woods or sitting atop a mountain partaking in the beauty of nature around you. With titles like 'Walking to the Sun' and 'Dawn on the Mountain,' clearly the link with nature is intentional. There's also a theme of remembering days past, with such titles as 'Remembering You,' 'Years of Longing' and 'Dreams of Long Ago.' Not all the songs are rooted in the past, however, as the title 'Sorrow in Iraq' reveals. All these elements together reveal an artist very much in touch with his inner landscape and at the same time connected to the outer landscape as well. In the CD liner LaRocca lists his influences as film composer Miklos Rozsa, Ravel, Debussy & Rachmaninoff. The mentions of Debussy & Rachmaninoff are particularly apt- the music evokes their more serene compositions. As tangible evidence of the connection LaRocca includes a photo of himself at Rachmaninoff's gravesite. Fans of piano music, new age music fans and any that appreciate beautiful intrumental music should all have their days brightened by this music. You can hear samples of the CD at CDBaby: Jerry Larocca on CDBaby You can also hear 'Years of Longing' on NeverEndingWonder Radio Posted by NeverEndingWonder at 2:28 PM 0 comments Labels: CD Review, electronic music, experimental music, independent artist, indie music, new age music, piano music Jerry has created a richly moving musical experience. The melodies are evocative of thoughts and moods that rightly defy literal metaphor. They burrow deeply into thoughts and whispers that one must encounter alone and cherish alone. Like all genuine creative art, it grows with each listening. The music becomes part of ones consciousness and says in a gentle and beautiful way, 'You are not alone.' - Carl Ritchie I have listened to your CD several times, and it is beautiful music. I expect many listeners to be joining Happyday Newage radio after hearing it. Dj Haru Happyday Newage radio South Korea. I loved your CD. It is full of emotions, great feelings and very dramatic. I feel like a spiritual connection with you, listening to your music. Romano Roncasaglia Ravenna Italy The music is awesome and I have enjoyed listening to it. Great melodies. Everything sounds great Giampiero Scuderi guitarist and composer LA. Calif. Enjoyed your CD. Immensely. Beautiful stuff, man--very moody and dramatic. Dwight Waldron Ad agency owner and musician Tokyo Japan FANTASTICA MUSICA Helmuth Tapia San Jose Costa Rica It was such a pleasure to listen to your CD. ^#^and get inside of the moods of your inspiration. Congratulations. I applaud you for putting yourself and your heart out there. Mia Flato pianist. Portland Or. Your CD. Is wonderful. I don,t know many people so talented and/so versatile Dan Wieden Wieden & Kennedy Ad Agency Portland Or. I was very impressed by this CD. I was aware that I was listening to a person who was being creative in a art form that he loved very much. I also sensed an undercurrent of loneliness or longing in the music. Maybe a longing for a better existence for mankind. Wayne Hannan Portland Or. The music is simply beautiful. I cried the first time I listened to it. The feelings and emotions expressed are heartfelt and deep. The playing is wonderful too. Margaret Slovak Guitarist and Artist. Portland Or. After listening to this CD. The words that immediately come to mind are gorgeous, lush, moody. It has rich harmonies, brimming with the sense of longing. Very much influenced by great movie music. Beautifully conceived, and executed. Richard Russo NY. NY. ^#^musician. Your music is a rare find in a sea of many artists. So few artists are able to reach within themselves to find the music as you do. Your spirit shines through your beautiful music. Rev.May General Manager and Program Director MonadFM Cottonwood AZ. This music is highly emotional and covers the spectrum from hope and beauty to dark despair back to hope and triumph. It awakens human emotions that so often lie dormant in most of us. Feelings that we are afraid to express in such callous and violent times. There are also many moments of beauty, tenderness and love.

1.1 Dawn on the Mountain
1.2 Heartbreak
1.3 Theresa
1.4 Remembering You
1.5 Mediterranea
1.6 Andalusia
1.7 Years of Longing
1.8 Dreams of Long Ago
1.9 Hills of Sardinia
1.10 Nocturne for Guitar and Strings
1.11 Sorrow in Iraq
1.12 Passage Through the Spheres
1.13 Last Goodbye
1.14 Walking to the Sun

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