Jesse Barish: Flute Salad

Jesse Barish: Flute Salad
Title: Flute Salad
Label: CD Baby

This record has been a long time coming. I've been playing the flute for over 40 years and have developed my own style that falls somewhere in between jazz and blues and funk with a little new age as well. I call it free style flute. I've spent so much time writing songs and making those kinds of records, that this project kept being put on the back burner. That is, until now. If you're looking for some music to kick back with and get taken to some new places, this just might be the ticket.

1.1 Watermelon Summer
1.2 April in Orange
1.3 Banana Moon
1.4 Passion Fruit Paradise
1.5 Coconut Sunset
1.6 Peach Velvet
1.7 Big Apple
1.8 Mango in Paris
1.9 Apricot Avenue
1.10 Papaya Rain
1.11 Kiwi Island
1.12 Cherimoya

Jesse Barish: Flute Salad

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