Jesse Belvin

Jesse Belvin: Goodnight My Love

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Jesse Belvin

Title: Goodnight My Love
Label: Ace Records UK

1.1 Goodnight My Love
1.2 (I Love You) for Sentimental Reasons
1.3 I'll Mess You Up
1.4 Once Upon a Time
1.5 I'm in Love (With a Girl)
1.6 Girl in My Dreams
1.7 My Desire
1.8 Don't Close the Door
1.9 Senorita
1.10 I Wanna Know Why
1.11 Let Me Love You Tonight
1.12 I Need You So
1.13 My Satellite
1.14 Just to Say Hello
1.15 Dream House
1.16 I'm Not Free
1.17 You Send Me
1.18 By My Side
1.19 Let's Make Up
1.20 Summertime
1.21 I Want You with Me at Christmas
1.22 Goodnight My Love
1.23 Sad and Lonesome
1.24 Beware
1.25 What Can I Do (Without You)
1.26 I'll Make a Bet

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