Jesus-Worshiper: Broken

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Artist: Jesus-Worshiper

Artist: Jesus-Worshiper
Title: Broken

Jesus-Worshiper is a renegade worship band from Whittier, CA, not interested in 'making it big' just into 'making a difference!' The fourth album from the six-member band produced and recorded by the talented Scott Silletta! Broken is their best release yet! A smooth blend of rock 'n roll with some indie vibrations! You're sure to find yourself singin' along to these catchy tunes and praising the Lord at the same time!

1.1 Grace and Mercy
1.2 Broken
1.3 I Got Joy
1.4 You Love Me to Death
1.5 Living Sacrifice
1.6 Dying in My Place
1.7 Your Company
1.8 My Light
1.9 Father of Lights
1.10 Ballad of the Triumphant
1.11 Invisible Friend
1.12 Keep Us
1.13 Show Me
1.14 Ordinary Day

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