Jet: Reggae on a Cool Vibe

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Jet

Title: Reggae on a Cool Vibe
Label: CD Baby

Jet born in Allman town Jamaica sings writes and produces music for himself as well as for other artists. Doug E. Mack singer/musican born in Portland Jamaica, sings with a velvet smooth voice often compared to Sugar Minott and inspired by one of Jamaica's most influencial reggae musicans the late great Jackie Mitto. VIGAROUS born in Kingston Jamaica has an original DJ singjay style that has not been fully recognized but is very infective. Culture, pianist extrodinare another one of Jamaica's musically creative sons is represented here wiith his classical jazz training Culture demonstrates his deft mastering of ska the first of Jamaica's international popular music. Connis Vanterpool produces beats for this project and spends most day in his native land St Maarteen NA creating more beautiful music for various artists and the world.

1.1 Reggae de Pon a Cool Vibe
1.2 Oh Jah
1.3 Educate Yourself
1.4 Melting Pot
1.5 Dem Ting Deh
1.6 Great Gran
1.7 Wolf Like Sheep
1.8 Fire
1.9 Sexy Ladies
1.10 Love Letters
1.11 Give My Love a Try
1.12 I Don't Wanna Cry
1.13 Bandit Woman
1.14 On the Tip of My Tongue
1.15 Ecstatic
1.16 Educate Dub
1.17 Guitar Vibe

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