Jhikoman: Tupendane

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Artist: Jhikoman

Artist: Jhikoman
Title: Tupendane

Jhikoman is a well-known Tanzanian reggae artist. His unique singing style and lyrics have been touching people since 1994. He's produced several albums and has performed widely in Europe and Africa. In his upcoming album Tupendane, Jhikoman keeps exploring, combining roots reggae with acoustic African sounds. The album was realised in collaboration with known Finnish artists at StudioRed Helsinki, using music as a tool for unification. The journey continues for Jhikoman to compose songs in a style without boundaries, a product of continued spiritual searchings and musical experimentation. Using his own mother tongue Kiswahili! In his past recordings though Jhikoman mixes Kiswahili,English and his Native language Kinyasa. Jhikoman's music must be heard, preferably live, to be fully appreciated. Uplifting beats combined with positive words visibly move his audiences. Songs are composed in African and reggae styles. For Jhikoman, music presents an opportunity to raise awareness about social oppression and injustice. It also provides a medium for communicating messages of peace, love and unity. Jhikoman's songs bring real societal issues to the fore.

1.1 Kuagana
1.2 Tupendane
1.3 Nyumba
1.4 Mkushi
1.5 Nenda
1.6 Mapenzi
1.7 Uongo
1.8 Sayuni
1.9 Mkushi Dub
1.10 Nenda Dub

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