Jill Corey: Love Me to Pieces:Complete Singles

Jill Corey: Love Me to Pieces:Complete Singles
Title: Love Me to Pieces:Complete Singles
Label: Jasmine

Jill Corey was one of the brightest singing stars of the 1950s; she was featured on the cover of Life Magazine while still in her teens and quickly became a sought-after guest on all of the biggest TV variety shows. She was a regular on "The Johnny Carson Show" and "Your Hit Parade" and headlined top theatres and nightclubs. While several of her albums have been reissued, this is the first collection to focus on her singles.

1.1 Rose of Calvary
1.2 Minneapolis
1.3 Cleo and Meo
1.4 Do You Know What Lips Are For?
1.5 A Goodnight Kiss Is a Good Night's Work
1.6 Should I Tell
1.7 One God
1.8 He Is a Man (I Am a Man)
1.9 Where Are You?
1.10 Number One Boy
1.11 I'm Not at All in Love
1.12 Edward
1.13 That's All I Need
1.14 Come to Me for Everything
1.15 Look! Look!
1.16 Ching Ching, a, Ling
1.17 Nobody's Heart
1.18 Cry Me a River
1.19 First Love
1.20 Wait for Tomorrow
1.21 Summer Night
1.22 Your Prayers Are Always Answered
1.23 Let Him Know
1.24 What Am I to Do?
1.25 I Love My Baby (My Baby Loves Me)
1.26 Egghead
1.27 Let It Be Me
1.28 Make Like a Bunny Honey
1.29 Love Me to Pieces
1.30 Love
1.31 I Feel Pretty
1.32 How Can You Tell?
1.33 Exactly Like You
1.34 I Told a Lie to My Darlin'
1.35 Give It All You've Got
1.36 Uh-Huh, Oh Yeah
1.37 Sweet Sugar Lips
1.38 Loveable
1.39 Big Daddy
1.40 Wherefore Art Thou, Romeo?
1.41 My Reverie
1.42 I Found a New Baby
1.43 Dream Boy
1.44 Love Will Find Out the Way
1.45 Have I Told You Lately That I Love You?
1.46 The President Song
1.47 Seems Like Old Times
1.48 I Can't Hide a Mountain
1.49 Have You Ever Been Lonely (Have You Ever Been Blue)
1.50 I Gotta Have My Baby Back
1.51 Lonely Life
1.52 One Boy
1.53 Ten-Gallon Hat (Loaded with Sunshine)
1.54 Stick 'Em Up, Stuck-Up!
1.55 I Miss You Already (And You're Not Even Gone)
1.56 It's Only Me
1.57 Jalopy Song
1.58 On the Showboat
1.59 Fascination

Jill Corey: Love Me to Pieces:Complete Singles

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