Jill Miller

Jill Miller: Butterfly

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Artist: Jill Miller

Artist: Jill Miller
Title: Butterfly

I was thrilled to be in the studio in Nashville with three members of Tim McGraw's band playing on this album, so the musicianship on this CD is phenomenal! They were a blast to work with as well! I'm very proud of the variety of the songs on this album. They were all written from the heart, and reflect a story from my life or someone close to me.

1.1 It's Too Late
1.2 Tender Mercy
1.3 Look Into Their Eyes
1.4 Butterfly
1.5 I Will Rest
1.6 Unexpected You
1.7 When Love Comes
1.8 Make a Wish, Dream a Dream
1.9 Maybe, Baby
1.10 Don't Forget Me

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