Jill Pakman

Jill Pakman: Passover Plugged in

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Artist: Jill Pakman

Artist: Jill Pakman
Title: Passover Plugged in

'Plugged In' is a concept Cantor Jill has created. All of her songs utilize digital keyboard arrangements of these traditional tunes including multiple instrumental sounds with piano, bass and rhythm accompaniment. As a Cantor, Jill is 'Plugged In' to the musical demands of today's listener. In her mind, solo guitar, no matter how virtuosic, doesn't cut it! Cantor Jill is fond of tapping into the Spanish roots of Judaism incorporating Latin rhythms to accompany many songs on this CD. Cantor Jill's clear, spiritual and heartfelt vocals uplift any listener. You may choose to use this CD at your Sederim or just as a way to become 'Plugged In' to the celebration of Passover.

1.1 Kos Miryam
1.2 Kadesh Ur'chatz
1.3 Ha Lachma Anya
1.4 Ma Nishtanah
1.5 Avadim Hayinu
1.6 V'hi Sheamdah
1.7 Dayenu
1.8 B'tzeit Yisrael
1.9 Ma L'cha Hayam
1.10 Eliyahu Hanavi
1.11 Adir Hu

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